One Act Play State Champions

Year Conference School Play
2008-20094AFriendswoodsf Great Expectations
2008-20095AAustinsf Over the River and Through the Woods
2008-20093AAthenssf Korczak's Children
2008-20092ARogerssf Ghetto
2008-20091ALindsaysf The Rimers of Eldritch
1926-1927MexiaRiders To The Sea
1927-1928PlainviewThe Valiant
1928-1929Fort Worth CentralThe Sponge
1929-1930AbileneThe High Heart
1931-1932San Antonio BrackenridgeThe Hour Glass
1932-1933CrowellThe Severed Cord
1935-1936El PasoThe Last Flight Over
1937-1938El PasoPyramus And Thisbe
1938-1939Wichita FallsThe Happy Journey
1939-1940San MarcosSparkin'
1940-1941WacoBeauty And The Jacobin
1941-1942WacoThe Happy Journey
1942-1943AbileneJohn Doe
1943-1944Dallas SunsetRoad Into The Sun
1944-1945Fort DavisOn Vengeance Height
1945-1946AbileneOur Town - Act 2
1946-1947Dallas SunsetBalcony Scene
1947-1948CityHouston LamarThe High Heart
1947-19482ADentonMooncalf Mugford
1947-19481AWest ColumbiaMr. Lincoln's Whiskers
1947-1948BSchulenburgHigh Window
1948-1949CityHouston MilbyThe Pot Boiler
1948-19492AAbileneThe Skin of Our Teeth - Act 1
1948-19491ACueroThe Undercurrent
1948-1949BWhite DeerThe Wasp
1949-1950CityHouston DavisThe Last Flight Over
1949-19502AAbileneThe Long Christmas Dinner
1949-19501ACueroThe Emeny - Act 2
1949-1950BSchulenburgMooncalf Mugford
1950-19512AHouston DavisMinnie Field
1950-19511ACuerosf All My Sons
1950-1951BSchulenburgSix Who Pass While The Lentils Boil
1951-19522APort ArthurThe Glass Menagerie- Act 3
1951-19521AJacksonvilleThe Undercurrent
1951-1952BGreggton Pine TreeFog on The Valley
1952-19532APort Arthur JeffersonThe Old Lady Shows Her Medals
1952-19531ACuerosf The Little Foxes
1952-1953BHouston Spring BranchMinor Miracle
1953-19542AHouston ReaganThe Lottery
1953-19541AWhite DeerAria Da Capo
1953-1954BMcCameysf Home of the Brave
1954-19552AHouston LamarOur Town - Act 2
1954-19551AGeorgetownA Sunny Morning
1954-1955BHouston Cy-FairMinnie Field
1955-19562AHouston Lamarsf I remember Mama
1955-19561AJacksonvilleThe No 'Count Boy
1955-1956BWhite DeerThe Maker of Dreams
1956-19572AHouston Lamarsf Years Ago
1956-19571AA&M ConsolidatedThe Proposal
1956-1957BCarrizo Springssf The Barrets of Wimpole Street
1957-19582AHouston Lamarsf A roomful of Roses
1957-19581AGeorgetownThe Wonder Hat
1957-1958BAlpinesf Dino
1958-19594AHoustonsf Dark of The Moon
1958-19593ALa MarqueThe World of Shalom Aleichem
1958-19592ALeague City Clear CreekThe Pot Boiler
1958-19591AMcLeansf The Glass Menagerie
1958-1959BRankinA Sunny Morning
1959-19604AHouston BellaireStella For a Star
1959-19603AJacksonvilleCry, The Beloved Country
1959-19602ASchulenburgGammer Gurton's Needle
1959-19601AMathissf The Curious Savage
1959-1960BRankinThe Twelve-Pound Look
1960-19614AHouston Lamarsf Ah, Wilderness
1960-19613ASan Benitosf The World of Sholom Aleichem
1960-19612AGladewaterRiders to The Sea
1960-19611ARankinsf Antigone
1960-1961BMenardsf Medea
1961-19624AHouston BellaireOf Poems, Youth and Spring
1961-19623ALeague City Clear CreekThe Small World of Millie McIvor
1961-19622AA&M ConsolidatedThe Bald Soprano
1961-19621AGrapelandWhispering Images
1961-1962BMenardIn The Shadow of The Glen
1962-19634AEl Paso Austinsf The Miracle Worker
1962-19633ALeague City Clear CreekSplendor of Springtime
1962-19632AA&M Consolidatedsf Anastasia
1962-19631AClydeBox and Cox
1962-1963BMenardA Sunny Morning
1963-19644AAbilene Coopersf Becket
1963-19643ALeague City Clear CreekHopes and Words and Ordinary Things
1963-19642ACanyonsf Othello
1963-19641ASchulenburgRalph Roister Doister
1963-1964BMenardThis Bull Ate Nutmeg
1964-19654AHouston Bellairesf A Midsummer Night's Dream
1964-19653AMcKinneysf Waiting for Godot
1964-19652AGeorgetownThe Romancers, Act 1
1964-19651AWhite DeerMacBeth
1964-1965BBlooming Grovesf Our American Cousin
1965-19664AHouston Bellairesf The Imaginary Invalid
1965-19663ASan Antonio Houstonsf The House of Bernarda Alba
1965-19662AMasonThe Devil & Daniel Webster
1965-19661AWinnie East Chamberssf Anastasia
1965-1966BHicoThe Heritage of Wimpole Street
1966-19674AHouston Waltripsf Dinny and The Witches
1966-19673ABrownwoodsf The Cave Dwellers
1966-19672AGladewaterArchy and Mehitabel
1966-1967BDanburyThe Farce of The Worthy Master
1967-19684AHouston BellaireInfancy
1967-19683ASnydersf The Crucible
1967-19682ASan Antonio RandolphThe Ugly Duckling
1967-1968BMeadowsf Boy With a Cart
1968-19694AAmarillo Tascosasf Exit the King
1968-19693ADickinsonsf Reynard the Fox
1968-19692AOlneysf Exit the King
1968-19691AHappysf The Trojan Women
1968-1969BMeadowChildren on Their Birthdays
1969-19704AHouston Spring Branchsf Mother Courage and Her Children
1969-19703ASydneysf Elizabeth The Queen
1969-19702AKatysf The Crucible
1969-19701ARoscoeAlice in Wonderland
1969-1970BMeadowsf A Company of Wayward Saints
1970-19714AAmarillo Tascosasf Oedipus The King
1970-19713ASnydersf Maria Stuart
1970-19712ADenver CityInfancy
1970-19711ASonorasf The Madwoman of Chailott
1970-1971BMeadowsf A War Movie
1971-19724AAbileneThe Long Christmas Dinner
1971-19723ASnydersf Ondine
1971-19722AUniversal City RandolphOf Poems, Youth, And Spring
1971-19721ALubbock Coopersf A Gap in Generations
1971-1972BMeadowsf Tartuffe
1972-19734ARichardson PearceInterview
1972-19733ALaPorteAndrocles and The Lion
1972-19732AUniversal City RandolphAntic Spring
1972-19731ASonoraThe Apollo of Bellac
1972-1973BImperial Buena VistaGood-Bye To the Clown
1973-19744AWaco Richfieldsf Exit The King
1973-19743ALaPortesf Reynard The Fox
1973-19742AKatysf Androcles and The Lion
1973-19741ASabinalThe No 'Count Boy
1973-1974BMeadowsf A Servant of Two Masters
1974-19754AHouston Williamssf The Amen Corner
1974-19753ALongview Pine Treesf The Great Cross-Country Race
1974-19752ANoconasf Luther
1974-19751AFarmersvillesf Reynard the Fox
1974-1975BPrairie Leasf The Great Cross-Country Race
1975-19764ARichardsonsf The Comedy od Errors
1975-19763ASnydersf Blood Wedding
1975-19762AWinnie East Chamberssf A Company of Wayward Saints
1975-19761ACoppellPlaza Suite - Act 3
1975-1976BPenelopeThe Small World of Millie Mc Ivor
1976-19774ALa Marquesf J. B.
1976-19773ASnydersf Romeo and Juliet
1976-19772ABoys Ranchsf Luther
1976-19771ACoppellsf The Odd Couple
1976-1977BMeadowThe Seprent
1977-19784ASan Antonio MacArthursf Hamlet, The Time is Out of Joint: A Study of Hamlet
1977-19783ACarrollton Smithsf Alice in Wonderland
1977-19782ABastropsf Once upon A Clothesline
1977-19781ALongview Spring Hillsf Present Laughter
1977-1978BChanningOf Poems, Youth and Spring
1978-19794ASan Antonio MacArthursf Oedipus Rex
1978-19793ASnydersf Macbeth
1978-19792ABoys Ranchsf Indians
1978-19791APottsboroThe Interview
1978-1979BChanningMannequins' Demise
1979-19804ACarrollton Smithsf The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
1979-19803AGregory-Portlandsf The Tamig of The Shrew
1979-19802ACaldwellsf The Lark
1979-19801ALongview Spring Hillsf The Curious Savage
1979-1980BSandersonsf The Glass Menagerie
1980-19815ASan Antonio Clarksf Equus
1980-19814ALeague City Clear Lakesf Idiot's Delight
1980-19813AClydesf Charley's Aunt
1980-19812ARopesville Ropessf The Arkansaw Bear
1980-19811APenelopeFoiled by an Innocent Maid
1981-19825ADeer Parksf The Diviners
1981-19824ASnydersf AH, Wilderness
1981-19823AClydesf The Hast Heart
1981-19822AWeimarPlaza Suite: Visitor From Forest Hills
1981-19821AThrockmortonThe Sisters Mc Intosh
1982-19835ALaPortesf A Doctor In Spite of Himself
1982-19834AKaty Taylorsf The Imaginary Invalid
1982-19833AMuleshoesf The Royal Hunt of The Sun
1982-19832AVan Hornsf Tevya & His Daughters
1982-19831APort Aransassf The Elephant Man
1983-19845ALeague City Clear Lakesf Children of A Lesser God
1983-19844ASnydersf The Crucible
1983-19843ACaldwellsf The Trojan Women
1983-19842ALa Verniasf Alice in Wonderland
1983-19841ASabine Passsf The Adding Machine
1984-19855AHouston Eisenhowersf Total Abandon
1984-19854ASnydersf Romeo and Juliet
1984-19853AMuleshoesf The Tragedy of King Lear
1984-19852AAustin Lake TravisPlaza Suite: Visitor From Forest Hills
1984-19851ARopesville Ropessf I Remember Mama
1985-19865ASan Antonio MacArthursf The Life And Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby
1985-19864AGregory-Portlandsf The Desk Set
1985-19863ARed Oaksf The Miracle Worker
1985-19862AShallowatersf The Diviners
1985-19861APort Aransassf As you Like It
1986-19875AKleinsf Awake and Sing
1986-19874AGregory-Portlandsf Noises Off
1986-19873AMineolasf Amadeus
1986-19872ACanadiansf What I Did Last Summer
1986-19871APort Aransassf Threads
1987-19885ALeague City Clear Lakesf Black Angel
1987-19884ASnydersf The Corn is Green
1987-19883AMineolasf Man of La Mancha
1987-19882ACoopersf Tevya And His Daughters
1987-19881ASabine Passsf Twelve Angry Jurors
1988-19895AKlein Oaksf A Lie od The Mind
1988-19894AGregory-Portlandsf I'm Not Rappaport
1988-19893AMineolasf And People All Around
1988-19892AMarionsf All My Sons
1988-19891APort Aransassf I Remember Mama
1989-19905AConroe McCulloughsf Look Homeward Angel
1989-19904AGregory-Portlandsf One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
1989-19903AMineolasf The Man Who Never Died
1989-19902ASeagravessf The Runner Stumbles
1989-19901AThorndaleThe Near-Sighted Knight and The Far-Sighted Dragon
1990-19915ASan Antonio MacArthursf The Beggar's Opera
1990-19914AKaty Taylorsf The Good Woman of Setzuan
1990-19913AMineolasf The Sparks Fly Upward
1990-19912ABoys Ranchsf Volpone
1990-19911ARopesville Ropessf Arsenic And Old Lace
1991-19921ATrentsf Of Mice and Men
1991-19922ASeagravessf Death of a Salesman
1991-19923ACameron Yoesf Inherit The Wind
1991-19924AMineral Wellssf The Boys Next Door
1991-19925AEuless Trinitysf You Can't Take It With You
1992-19931AMundaysf Daddy's Dyin' (Who's Got The Will?)
1992-19932AWimberlysf Dark of The Moon
1992-19933ASonorasf The Marriage of Bette and Boo
1992-19934ASnydersf Macbeth
1992-19935AKleinsf The Little Foxes
1993-19941ALindsaysf The Rimers of Eldritch
1993-19942AStinnett West Texassf The Would-Be Gentleman
1993-19943AMineolasf Assassins
1993-19944AWest Orange-Starksf The Foreigner
1993-19945ASan Angelo Centralsf The Lion in Winter
1994-19951ARulesf Steel Magnolias
1994-19952AYorktownThe Actor's Nightmare
1994-19953AMineolasf The Devils
1994-19954ASnydersf A Midsummer Night's Dream
1994-19955AHurst Bellsf Black Angel
1995-19961ATrentsf The Foreigner
1995-19962ADiana New Dianasf Breaking The Prairie Wolf Code
1995-19963AMont Belvieu Barbers Hillsf Strider
1995-19964AFriendswoodsf The Life And Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby
1995-19965AArlington Martinsf Our Country's Good
1996-19971AOvertonConfederate Letters
1996-19972AStinnett West TexasI Pagliacci
1996-19973ABishopsf Into The Woods
1996-19974AGregory-Portlandsf Conversations With My Father
1996-19975APlanosf Six Degrees of Separation
1997-19981AWhitefacesf Tom Jones
1997-19982AStinnett West TexasGianni Schicchi
1997-19983ALake Dallassf The King Stag
1997-19984ALa Marquesf The Imaginary Invalid or The Hypochondriac
1997-19985AArlington Martinsf A View From The Bridge
1998-19991ARoscoe Highlandsf The King Stag
1998-19992ADiana New DianaPeer Gynt
1998-19993AMont Belvieu Barbers Hillsf The Caucasian Chalk Circle
1998-19994ABay Citysf The Miracle Worker
1998-19995ASan Antonio Madisonsf The Cripple of Inishmaan
1999-20001AHighlandsf Becoming Memories
1999-20002ADiana New Dianasf Voice of the Prairie
1999-20003AMount Vernonsf Of Mice and Men
1999-20004AKerrville Tivysf And They Dance Real Slow in Jackson
1999-20005AConroe The Woodlandssf The Shadow Box
2000-20011AFollettsf Sylvia
2000-20012AComfortsf A Midsummer Night's Dream
2000-20013AWimberlysf The Trojan Women
2000-20014ASouthlake Carrollsf Paganini
2000-20015ACarrollton Creekviewsf Side Man
2001-20021AYantissf The Boys Next Door
2001-20022ARogerssf Lucia Mad
2001-20023AVansf Godspell
2001-20024AGregory-Portlandsf Over The River and Through The Woods
2001-20025AGalveston Ballsf The Playboy of the Western World
2002-20031ALindsaysf The Voice of the Prarie
2002-20032AOmaha Paul Pewittsf Dancing at Lughnasa
2002-20033AMont Belvieu Barbers Hillsf Strider
2002-20034ABay Citysf The Grapes of Wrath
2002-20035AHumble Kingwoodsf Black Snow
2003-20041ALindsaysf The Caucasian Chalk Circle
2003-20042ADiana New Dianasf Quilters
2003-20043AMount Vernonsf The Voice of the Prarie
2003-20044AFriendswoodsf Rosencrantz & Guildenstern
2003-20045AHouston Bellairesf Tartuffe
2004-20051ARicesf The History of Tom Jones
2004-20052ARogerssf Players in a Game
2004-20053AVansf The Caucasian Chalk Circle
2004-20054ALongview Pine Treesf The Kentucy Cycle: Fire in the Hole
2004-20055AArlingtonsf An Experiment With An Air Pump
2005-20061AChanningsf Flowers For Algernon
2005-20062ASonorasf Unexpected Tenderness
2005-20063ADecatursf The Elephant Man
2005-20064AMontgomerysf A View From The Bridge
2005-20065APlano Eastsf The Marriage of Bette and Boo
2006-20071ALindsaysf Full Circle
2006-20072AMount Pleasant Chapel Hillsf Flowers For Algernon
2006-20073AVansf Man of La Mancha
2006-20074AFriendswoodsf Black Snow
2006-20075ATemplesf Ruthless!
2007-20081AFort Worth Acad Fine Artssf The Last Night of Ballyhoo
2007-20082ARogerssf Man of La Mancha
2007-20083AMexiasf The Kentucky Cycle: Fire in the Hole
2007-20084ASchertz Clemenssf Moon Over Buffalo
2007-20085AMansfieldsf Epic Proportions
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